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    Pre-order deal. Navigation Super Accurate

    What is included:

    • FieldBEE (Warranty 2 years)
    • RTK BEE Station (Warranty 2 years)

    Not included:

    • 99 Euro per year subscription for Tractor GPS Navigation app (starting from the moment of receiving the antenna)


    • Absolute accuracy: RTK 0-4 cm
    • Pass-2-pass accuracy: RTK 0-4 cm


    • in 6 months. Money back guarantee.

    Product Description

    Best quality/price solution in the market. Can be used for operations including seeding, tilling, spraying, etc. Can be upgraded to the autosteer system. The Base station covers 2km via radio link or 10km via the Internet.

    With Navigation Super Accurate you will be able to perform following operations with high precision:

    • Drive with straight, curve and headland patterns
    • Avoid obstacles, drive in dust and at night.
    • Map obstacles on your fields and you will never run on them again.
    • Automatically capture field records while driving
    • Create geotagged field notes to record your observations
    • Measurement of field boundaries
    • Route tracking. eg. Field-Warehouse-Elevator
    • Perform truck and tractor operations near combine.
    • Download reports in Excel and PDF


    • in 6 months. Money back guarantee.

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