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    Main features


    Field guidance

    Drive in parallel lines in 4 patterns AB Straight, AB Curve, Head Land Straight and Head Land Curve. And work during the night and low visibility. No overlaps, no missing spots, no fatigue.

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    Measure your fields area and perimeter in 3 ways: placing points on the map, downloading SHP file or using GPS. Easy and intuitive way to manage your fields.

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    This functionality allows you to make records of your farming activities directly in the field. Store and analyse information about your work. Save time on paper work. Export, share and print field reports.

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    Notes with location tag

    You can use our app for field scouting notes. Mark the place where you saw a plant disease/bugs and you will be able to easily find this spot for further control next time you are in the field.


    Avoid obstacles

    This functionality allows you to mark the obstacles on your fields such as stones, boulders and holes. Our app will make parallel lines avoiding these points and you will never run on them again. Especially useful for young farmers and when you are working in a new field.


    Mobile and web

    Use your smartphone or tablet for tractor navigation and save information about processed area and materials used directly in the field. Work on your computer to access collected data, make reports and upload SHP files.

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    Upgrade accuracy

    Our app can work with many GPS antennae, RTK system and auto steer. Using eFarmer Navigation app without external GPS antenna will create “jumps” and ”freezings” of your position in the field and will not allow you to drive in proper parallel lines.


    Information security

    You own your data and we keep it secure, private, and protected. All your information is stored in the secured cloud and available at any time from any device.

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    Affordable professional tractor GPS navigation and precision agriculture systems for farmers

    Our solutions

    Flexible offers for your specific needs


    GPS Navigation APP

    • Tractor navigation in 4 patterns
    • Fields mapping
    • Automatic calculation of processed area and materials
    • Reports in Excel and PDF

    GPS and RTK systems

    • FieldBee submeter accuracy
    • Novatel Ag-Star 20 cm accuracy
    • RTK Bee Station 0-4 cm accuracy

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