• Farm GPS App

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    Tractor guidance license:

    • Regular app updates
    • Your device accuracy *
    • Compatible with FieldBEE, Novatel AG-Star™ and Ublox™ based receivers

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    Product Description

    What’s included:

    • eFarmer Farm GPS App with all functionalities and regular updates:
      • tractor GPS navigation with 4 patterns,
      • automatic record keeping (tracking),
      • reports in Excel.
    • Regular updates;
    • Online support;
    • Secure data storage.

    Payment conditions:

    • Subscription
    • Yearly payments

    *The accuracy is determined by your own device. Please be aware that for professional work you would require an external GPS antenna, because using only smartphone/tablet will create “jumps” and “freezings” of your position and will not allow you to have straight lines in the field. You can connect any GPS Bluetooth antenna with NMEA output. Check the overview of tested devices and receivers.

    You can order additionally: external GPS receiver, compatible tablet, holders, chargers, cables and other peripherals.


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