eFarmer Navigation App
100 000 farmers are using it for
tractor navigation and record keeping
100 euro/year
FieldBee tractor GPS Sensor
with 20-50 cm accuracy
works with correction signal
600 euro
FieldBee RTK Base Station
on your farm roof
increases accuracy to 0-4 cm
1000 euro
eFarmer Navigation App
100 000 farmers are using it for
tractor navigation and record keeping
100 euro/year
FieldBee tractor GPS Sensor
with 20-50 cm accuracy
works with correction signal
600 euro
FieldBee RTK Base Station
on your farm roof
increases accuracy to 0-4 cm
1000 euro
Affordable, easy to use, centimeter accuracy tractor navigation system!

With FieldBee tractor GPS system you will be able to:

  • perform tractor precise driving in 4 patterns
  • work during the night and low visibility
  • avoid obstacles
  • map fields
  • keep field scouting notes and pictures with geolocation
  • automatically save data about materials used
  • make reports
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“I was very excited when Alexey came to my farm to test the free FLEPOS signal. The test results are very good: we got the accuracy of 0.004m (=4 mm)!! I am very happy to receive the FieldBEE and start using it for my daily work on the field! I think it is a very good solution at an affordable price. You can use it on every equipment in combination with your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to move it from one machine to another because you don’t have to remove a lot of cables.”


Lieven, Belgium

First batch of FieldBee is already SOLD OUT
The first FieldBees were produced on money collected as pre-orders from farmers who are using our eFarmer app. First farmers were waiting for it more than 6 months.
Thanks to them you have a chance to buy this product today.

How is FieldBee different from other tractor GPS systems?

  • Upgradable accuracy
    One FieldBee tractor GPS sensor gives 30-50 cm accuracy. To get 0-4 cm accuracy you can purchase affordable RTK base station or connect to local RTK correction provider.
  • Easy to install and change between tractors
    It works on batteries and almost does not require cables. FieldBee mobile app will help you to easily configure the sensor.
  • No need of costly hardware replacement in the future
    FieldBee has “brain” . New program updates will be constantly improving FieldBee performance.
  • No need to purchase an expensive terminal
    You can work on your: tablet for tractor navigation, smartphone for field notes, computer for data analytics.
  • Affordable price
    Our mission is to make FieldBee affordable to all the farmers in the world.

“It was very interesting for me and for my coworkers to test the FieldBee. It is definitely a cost-effective tractor navigation solution. It will be a valuable help for us in fieldwork.”

Gregor Holland

Gregor Holland, Germany

FieldBee works with auto steer
High quality product. 2 years garantie!

How to use FieldBee tractor guidance system

Step 1 | Download
eFarmer Navigation app
Step 2 | Install
FieldBee GPS Sensor on tractor
Step 3 | Install
FieldBee RTK Base Station
Step 4 | Install
an auto steer kit
Hurry up!
We are collecting orders for the 3rd batch of FieldBees that will be ready in February 2018. The number of units that we are able to produce is limited. Next batch will be only in May 2018.
eFarmer Navigation App
€ 100/ per year
Fixed price for 3 years

This mobile application allows you to perform tractor navigation in parallel lines with AB Straight, AB Curve or Headland patterns. Measure your fields and avoid obstacles on them. Work during the night and low visibility. Your work will be recorded and total area and materials used will be calculated in the report.

€ 700 +VAT
€ 600 +VAT

FielBEE sensor will increase the quality of your work, providing positioning accuracy of 20-50 cm. Just put FieldBee on your tractor’s roof and connect it to eFarmer tractor navigation app. To achieve 0-4 cm accuracy connect FieldBee to local RTK network provider or RTK Bee Station.

RTK GPS Base Station
€ 1100+VAT
€ 1000 +VAT

RTK Bee Station is a second FieldBee sensor that works as the reference point. It provides correction of the GPS signal and increases the accuracy of the navigation system to 0-4 cm. You can place it on the house’s roof or in the field on a tripod. The range of the coverage is 2 km via Radio and 10+ km via Internet.

160 FieldBee’s are already produced.
100 000 people have downloaded eFarmer Navigation app.
What farmers are saying about FieldBee
Check what Lieven the farmer from Belgium is saying about FieldBee
Want to ask Lieven questions about the FieldBee? Subscribe to online workshop
About eFarmer B.V.
  • 10 years experience in IT for agriculture.
  • Branches in the Netherlands and in Ukraine.
  • Production of FieldBee in the Netherlands. High Quality.
  • eFarmer B.V. is alumni of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)
  • Our mission is to make precise agriculture available to all farmers in the world.
Frequently asked questions
Everything else you need to know

The goal of our company is to make accurate tractor navigation system affordable to every farmer in the world. FieldBee tractor navigation system is easy to use so you do not need a consultant. You can use your smartphone/tablet so no need to buy expensive terminals. We sell online without intermediaries. And we sell as pre-orders. You pay now and get your FieldBee in 3 month – this helps us to purchase materials in advance, avoid bank loans, storage costs and plan our production more accurately.

The first batch of FieldBee’s is already sold out. We don’t have any FieldBee in stock. The only way to get it is to wait until the next batch will be manufactured in February 2018. If placing the order before November 30 you will get a better price.

The new batch of FieldBee’s will be shipped in February 2018. Just in time before the new season.
Yes! We ship all over the world. However, shipping costs are not included in the price. by writing us an email
FieldBee installation doesn’t require any special skills. The only thing that you need to do is to invest 30 minutes of your time to read thoughtfully the FieldBee Installation Manual here. And 1-2 hours for FieldBee initial configuration, system test and final mounting.
The coverage varies between 2km with Radio link and 10+km with a cell service (via the Internet).
Our system is working only on Android devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. We don’t have an IOS version yet. You can find a list of recommended devices here.
You can start using the system having only a smartphone and the FieldBee. However, for the more comfortable use, you may need: metal plate to mount FieldBee on the tractor and house roof, tablet holder for the tractor cabin, tablet waterproof case, tripod for the in-field mounting of the RTK Bee Station.
We provide online support to our customers. You can contact us in the app/website pressing Need help or email to The warranty for the system is 2 years. The testing period is 30 days when you can return the system.
Still have questions? Please Contact us!
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