• Navigation Start

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    What is included:

    • FieldBEE (Warranty 2 years)

    Not included:

    • 99 Euro per year subscription for Tractor GPS Navigation app (starting from the moment of receiving the antenna)


    • Absolute accuracy: 1.5m
    • Pass-2-pass accuracy: 20-50cm


    • in 6 months. Money back guarantee.


    Product Description

    With Navigation Start you will be able to perform following operations with relatively high precision:

    • Drive with straight, curve and headland patterns
    • Work at night
    • Avoid obstacles
    • Automatically capture field records while driving
    • Create geotagged field notes to record your observations
    • Measure your fields
    • Download reports in Excel and PDF

    The accuracy of the system depends on the unique characteristics of your farm such as hills, power lines, available correction signal. We recommend you to start with this system, look how it works at your particular farm for your particular operations. If the accuracy level is not sufficient you can do an upgrade to the accuracy of 0-4 cm with RTK BEE Station.


    • in 6 months. Money back guarantee.

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