• FieldBee GPS GNSS Antenna

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    What is included:

    • FieldBee (Warranty 2 years)


    • Absolute accuracy: 1.5m
    • Pass-2-pass accuracy: 20-50cm


    • in April 2018. Money back guarantee.


    Product Description

    FieldBee is a portable GPS GNSS antenna that you can install on the tractor or carry in your hands. It will enable you to perform farming the following operations with higher precision:

    • Drive in parallel lines in the field
    • Measure your fields
    • Create geotagged field notes to record your observations and mark obstacles

    The accuracy of the antenna depends on the unique characteristics of your farm such as hills, power lines, available correction signal. If the accuracy level is not sufficient you can upgrade it to the accuracy of 0-4 cm with RTK Bee Station.


    • in April 2018. Money back guarantee.

    More info:

    Read more about pre-order campaign for FieldBee RTK here


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