The future has come. FieldBee tractor navigation system demonstration in Belgium

A few weeks ago we had a great trip to Belgium where we have made demonstrations of the FieldBee new generation tractor navigation system at VABI Roeselare agriculture school for students and at PCLT Roeselare for interested farmers.

Demonstrations were conducted by our launching customer from Belgium Lieven Dewaele. During the demonstration, Lieven explained how he uses the FieldBee navigation system for his work with examples and practical tips. Every farmer had a chance to drive the tractor and to see the system performance with his own eyes.

We had very good results. The accuracy of the system was as high as 9 millimeters on the school’s parking, surrounded by buildings and trees.

It was nice to meet with the new generation of farmers (students) and to see them interested in our product.


Nathan de Langhe: “I am convinced that this system will help the farmer because he can make a return on investment. The system can help save resources by preventing to sow, spray and fertilize the same spot twice or skip a spot.”

But even more interesting was to meet with experienced farmers and to see their reaction.


Filip Claeys: ”This system can help the farmer with all fieldworks. The system is easy to setup, such as the width of the tractor. It has the same functions as other GPS systems, however The FieldBee is way cheaper, and still practical”


Dirk Top: “Until now i never bought a Navigation system because they were all so expensive. However i really see a future in this system. The system is easy to move around from vehicle to vehicle and the system is really affordable, so i am able to make a return on investment. This is really important for me.”

Belgium’s awsome government continues to surprise us with all the support it provides for the adoption of new technologies by farmers. On top of having free RTK signal (=Flepos signal), some farmers could get 30% payback of the cost of FieldBee from the government!!! There are some conditions that you need to fulfil, but still isn’t it cool?! You can find out more here on the page 13 Could you imagine RTK system for 420 Euro? WOW this is a great deal.

During the demonstration we have received some good questions that might occur to you as well:

What is the amount of data that FieldBee consumes?

To have the high accuracy of tractor navigation with FieldBee, you need a good internet connection in the field. FieldBee consumes 7400Kb (=7.4 Mb) per hour in NTRIP mod. Just multiply the number of hours that you are going to work in the field and you know which data package to purchase.

What will be the accuracy of the system if internet connection is lost?

If the connection is lost, than NTRIP correction from FLEPOS is lost too. The accuracy of FieldBee, in this case, will be 30-50 centimeters.

And here are some practical tips on how to use FieldBee tractor navigation system from Lieven:

TIP 1: What do you need to start using FieldBee?

TIP 2: What to choose smartphone or tablet?

If you want to get more tips please let us know in comments or send us an email.

As always, our meeting with the farmers gave us inspiration and valuable insights. The trip was great, because of the great farmers who are helping us and supporting us. We even have made an independent testing of the FieldBee to compare its performance with others systems. But this is a topic of our next story.

If you want to have FieldBee before the new season please place your order until the end of November >>>here<<<

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  • Dale NussNovember 27, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Is FieldBEE going to be available in the USA ?

    • Natalie UtkinaDecember 5, 2017 at 3:50 pm

      Dear Dale,
      FieldBee is available in the US, we ship it worldwide. And we have already customers from your country.
      Thank you for your interest!


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