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    We offer tractor GPS guidance solution for your smartphone.

    This mobile app visually assists you in making the optimal passes on the field and documents your work. Now you can be more efficient and professional while working in the tractor.


    Tractor guidance

    eFarmer navigation solutions will enable you to combine benefits from field records and tractor guidance. That will help to improve yield of your farm by saving materials, working hours and machine costs.


    Free field record keeping system is at the heart of our service. With your smartphone you can easily capture and document all field activities, build better records and make data-driven decisions.

    Farm management

    You can further increase the efficiency of your farm business by using other paid eFarmer farm management solutions such as  team management, fertiliser calculator and farm data analysis.

    Our navigation solutions help you to spend less on materials while increasing your yield with better driving

    For all your devices

    desktop_windows PC or MAC

    Android OS

    phone_iphone iOS coming soon

    Main features



    Create and manage field boundaries. Store information and view the progress of your work on multiple fields.

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    Field records

    Make records of your fieldwork directly in the field. Save time on paperwork. Store and analyse information about your work. Export, share & print field reports.

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    Field guidance

    Checking the display while driving will enable you to perform field operations in parallel and evenly spaced lines. Thus reducing overlaps and missed spots.

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    Mobile and web

    Synchronize data between all your devices. Access your data conveniently from anywhere

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    Team management

    eFarmer will help you to manage your employees and coordinate with your neighbors and colleagues while performing collaborative tasks.

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    Fertiliser balance

    eFarmer will allow you to manage fertilisers easily with a built-in calculator.

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    External receiver

    Reduce the width of overlaps down to 20 cm with high positioning accuracy with our GPS receiver.

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    Farm data analytics

    Don’t rely only on your gut feelings! Start using hard data in making decisions.

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    Secure cloud

    All your data is securely saved in the cloud.

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    Best price / quality solution for small and medium farm business

    Our solutions

    Flexible offers for your specific needs

    Record keeping

    € 0

    Free forever

    This package includes:

    • Maps
    • Field records
    • Mobile and Web app
    • Secure cloud


    € 249

    One off payment

    This package includes:

    Farm management


    coming in 2016

    This package includes:

    • Everything in Record keeping
    • Team management
    • Fertiliser balance
    • Analytics

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